The Importance of Friendship – Part 2

So if you haven’t read part 1 yet, I’d suggest you read that first. This part talks about how I feel as if I redeem myself with my friendships.


I, of course, did not give up on life or fall into a slumber. I decided that I wasn’t meant to make friends that year, and that it was a year to finish my studies, and move on with God’s plan for my life. And I did. I got into RMIT and attended. This is where everything changed for me.

I joined a board games club called the Science Fiction Gaming Association (SFGA). They are the most amazing people, and I talk to many of them multiple times a week. It’s definitely a huge weight off talking to someone who can understand your point of view, and can give you their honest advice.

I’ll never know if I did do something terrible to these people from high school, but I know now that who I am now, is great, and my friends I have accept me for who I am, not for something I’m trying to be, or for a certain type of personality.


We all have personalities. They define who we are. Not just to the people who see them, but to ourselves as well. Its extremely common to see people put on different personalities with different social circles. Never do I see this more than at Church. Some people are church have a very specific personality. While it is unique, it’s not the same as it is at home.

Now, I’m not saying they are “fake”, but that just being in the atmosphere changes how they act. I try my best to not do this. I want to be the same at home, at church, a university, and at work. I want to just be me. And honestly? I think I’ve done a pretty good job at it so far.

I see it the same with my sister as well. She isn’t a completely different person at home, than she is at church. Sure, the way she speaks to me might be a little… tamer, and the things she says are different too, but the underlying personality is not different. This is not to say that she’s always the same, and I’m sure when she’s working she holds a different personality, and for good reason!

Friendships Transcend Personalities

I mention personalities because deep friendships transcend these types of personalities, to your real one. There is nothing worse than you pretending to be this perfect angel, and then screaming and being a horrible person at home. Because once this friend sees this, they may not be ok with it, and it may ruin your friendship. However, if you are someone who, people know loves to get into arguments, when you argue (hopefully in good faith, and not in a bad way) they won’t be shocked.

The people at my church see me for me, not some goody two-shoes that will be praying at the friend and celebrating how great God is at all hours of the day, but the person who is a very nerdy, geeky guy who loves computers, and also goes to church, trying to spend his time getting into a better relationship.

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