The Importance of Friendship – Part 1

Friendships are important, there is no doubt about that. They come and go, and are often only around for a season or two, before fading away like they never exist. But is that true? Did you really put all this effort into a friendship for it all to go down the drain? I don’t think so.

All my life I have struggled with long-term friendships. It seems as if each time in my life I’d make some friends, and then the moment the season is over. Poof! I didn’t notice this at first, because just like other kids, it never came to my mind, but there was always 1 event that really stuck out to me, my final year of high school.

A warning, this will be a long post, so strap in, and feel free to come back when you have more time!

High School

So, maybe you know, maybe you don’t, but my final year of high school was not normal. Due to complications and reasons I’m not going to go into here, I volunteered to leave my private school, to attend a public school Frankston High. This was a huge change for me, as the culture was a 180 from the culture I was used to.

However, that might be a story for another time, for now: friendships. I had chosen Frankston High School (FHS) because I knew a couple of the students there, from my primary school. While this was definitely a great thing, it meant that I just hung around these people for the year. Fine, right? Well, yes… sort of. You see, unbeknownst to me, the 4 people in the group and me did not see eye to eye. They were nice enough, but it became obvious at the end of the year.

The Beginning

I had distanced myself a little with the group, because the 2 guys had started dating, and the other 2 often didn’t hang around. I felt like a 3rd wheel and they obviously wanted time to themselves, so I would talk to some of the year 11s in my IT class. Maybe this was the reason, maybe not, but I guess something changed. See, they had decided not to go to the Year 12 Formal. Me, being new, didn’t go because I wouldn’t have known anyone.

They told me we would have a party instead, which seemed fine to me, parties are fun, and I’ll be 18 this time. However, by the time it was ready to plan the event, they told me that they were not going to have a party now. Confused, and a little sad, I guess I understood, with exams and all. Afterall, the English Exam would have been the next day.

The End

Well, I found out about 30 minutes before the English exam, that they had all in fact gone and had a party, as the posts on Snapchat had shown. I was upset, and angry, that they would just exclude me like that. So, I did the completely rational thing, of unfriending them. Basically a big “We are not friends” message now.

I spent the next few weeks of class time with my friends from year 11. I ended up getting 2 long, hurtful messages from 2 of the group members. The first message confused me, apparently I was mean to them, but they gave no explanation, and refused to tell me how. The second message made a little more sense, and I apologised to her, as I could see how you could take offense to some things, but that I honestly never meant to hurt her feelings (it was nothing bad, just more “cutting off” mid speak because I was unaware like an idiot).

I thought that would be it, but I find out the day after my final exam, my two friends from year 11 both block me, and refuse to tell me why. It honestly shattered me, because I thought I had some really good friends, but within 3 weeks I had lost ALL my friends.

This post is getting a bit too long, so I think I’ll make a seperate post on the redemption and my thoughts now on the matter. So stay tuned!

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