Life in 2020

So, between my last blog post in November, and now, it’s been not only the 1 year anniversary of my blog, but an entire new year has come around! It’s crazy when I think about it, how this time last year I had no idea how blogging worked. I have learned a huge amount, although I haven’t actually posted many blogs.

A change in style

My last 3 blog posts brought about a new style, where it was much more “advertising” than the others. I also brought in a new blog style, and a actual ads. Maybe it’s just because I’m writing this at 3am, or maybe I’m onto something, but this blog really didn’t need to be monetized, and it shouldn’t be focused on advertising.

For this reason, I’ve again updated to another new style of website. This one however, is much more custom made, and is created to load quickly, without the unnecessary items like the instagram that I hardly ever post on. This new style is much more simple, and lends itself more to the blog post, and what I’m saying rather the extra features on the sidebar.


As many of you know, I am currently living in Munich. I am leaving in roughly a month, but I have not finished my time here just yet. I absolutely love it here. The people here are amazing, and I’ve met some of the most amazing people from all around the world! However, there is nothing quite like home, and I really do miss Australia.

I was actually able to celebrate Christmas with my friend and her family this year in Poland. It was an amazing eye-opening experience, and something I will never forget. Her family treated me amazingly, I tried 100 new foods (with all but 2 or 3 being great!), and learned a huge amount about not only Polish culture, but about myself too.

My AirBnB are also amazing people, and I spent New Years Eve watching the fireworks outside the house with their kids, it was a great show. I personally thought there were a lot of fireworks, but apparently they thought there wasn’t much, at least not compared to last year. But, I digress, it was still a great show in my honest opinion.

More blogs?

I’m hoping to write more blogs in the future, and try and get one out at LEAST once a month. I want more, but of course, I’m lazy and forgetful, so no promises.

I hope that in the future, I can read back on these blogs are see what my head was like at the time, as well as the adventures I got up to at that point in time. So follow me on my journey through this wacky world. Together.

I hope that you are enjoying my blog and my posts, because I definitely enjoy writing them! I plan to write more often, but I’m always busy, so who knows? Anyway, this post is long enough, until next time! Goodbye, and farewell.

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