The Munich Residence – A Kingly Place

Day 3 of my travels began the start of my 2 weeks of group tours, starting of course at the Munich Residence. During this time I met up with some of the other International Students at my exchange university, TUM (Technical University of Munich). I still talk to a lot of these people today, so I definitely would recommend this.

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The Palace

The Munich Residence, or “M√ľnchen Residenz” in German, originally was was set up to be a castle in the 1300s. However, after time, especially between 1500-1800, the kings began to build up the castle into what it is today.

To learn more information about the history, as I will not be going into it much more here, check out this site:

This place was absolutely amazing to visit. There is so much history, so anyone who loves art, renaissance design or of course, history, should definitely go! The place however, is not free inside, but don’t be discouraged, it didn’t cost much, and they were all very friendly!

The most interesting part, at least for me, was the fact that each wing was built by a different King of Bavaria (the German state in which Munich is the capital) to show off his wealth and power. Each room was massive, and much too big by today’s standards.

For example: the bedroom, was probably the size of my kitchen, lounge and bathroom combined. Imagine a mansion, where each room is a ballroom size. That was this place.

Of course, there isn’t really too much more to say without it being boring facts. So instead, I’ll just leave you with my images. There are a lot of images this time, of almost every room. And yes, some of them are very bad, I’m still new to all this.

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Lynette Thiele
Lynette Thiele
1 year ago

Hi Josh,
Good to hear you’re getting around to see all the BIG stuff! I’m not into all that gilt and ornate decor, but I understand it would impress some people who like to see other styles of furnishings. Our place is far too small to contain even the ornaments, but we’re cosy in it!
Love, Grandma

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