English Garden – A Forest in The City of Munich

What if I told you that you could spend an entire day in a forest, never stopping moving, all in a city centre. Crazy right? Well, not in Munich! The English Garden is munich is one of the most beautiful places in the city. In fact, I spent an entire day there, resting, watching ducks and just enjoying the atmosphere.

On day 2 of my travel journey (check out day 1 here), I walked to this place – actually I used an e-scooter to get here, but I walked around inside the garden all day, I didn’t even explore the whole place! Looking at Google Maps this place is massive! It takes up a sizable chunk of the city really, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it is in the city.

Not really much more to say about this beautiful place though. I spent a long chunk of time there for a day, but was really just soaking in the sun. Having just come from cloudy winter, the warm breeze was nice on my face.

I have to say though my favourite part of the English Garden is just how quiet it was. Usually, (and in the case of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne) while the place looks nice, you can still hear cars and the city in the background, as well as see the cars moving in the background. But in Munich even as close as 50 metres in, I couldn’t see any cars.

Of course it depends on several things, which part you enter in, and what time of year you go. During winter I’m sure you could see through the trees with no leaves, but when the green trees are up and blowing in the wind, there is nothing but the sound of nature.

English Garden River Surfing

Of course, no explanation of the English Garden, or “Englischer Garten” in German, is complete without mentioning the river. On this river is a surf spot, where you can battle against the strength of the river and try and surf it. Believe me though, it isn’t easy, and it doesn’t look it either.

I didn’t even walk passed this on my first day, I saw it when going on a tour through it. There were about 10 people all waiting with surfboards and wetsuits, lined up to have a go. You just had to jump in, and then try not to fall over. The part that looks the hardest to me was actually the fact that the water is going backwards compared to the normal beach. This makes it much harder I’m sure!

If you are interested in checking this place out, have a look here:

That is really all I have for you, but I have some pictures I took too! New plugin should make this gallery much better to browse than my garden one. Check it out below:

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Reuben Holmes
Reuben Holmes
1 year ago

Surfing? In the middle of the forest? In the middle of a city? Wow, crazy southern germans, anything to surf.

Lynette Thiele
1 year ago

I remember singing Blake’s ‘Jerusalem’, the hymn, when I was at school, and it has this line: ‘…in England’s green and pleasant land’.
From your pics, Josh, it certainly looks like England, although I’ve never been there. Green is such a peaceful colour, and so much of it! Lovely photos. Pity we don’t have so much greenery in Australia at the moment. And it might get even drier before the Summer’s over…

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