The Munich City Centre

First up I’m going to be talking about the Munich City Centre, but this is part of a larger series that will document every travel day around Europe in the time I’m here, though I won’t be travelling (or posting) every day.

I made it! I’m finally in Germany, where I’ll be here (and around Europe) for the next 6 or so months! I was pretty nervous to be honest coming here, to a place that didn’t speak English (at least not as their first language) and where almost everything was different from my home country.

I might go into the boring details about life in Germany compared to that of Australia in another post (in fact, even as I write this I am thinking about what I would write, how I would describe things, BUT, I’m getting ahead of myself here), for now I’ll talk about my trip to The Munich City Centre.

Josh thumbs up in front of the town hall

The Munich City Centre, also known as the marienplatz, which literally means “Place of Mary”, aka Saint Mary. It was named that due to the statue that is built in the middle, which was erected in 1638 to celebrate the end of Swedish occupation.

Another crazy fact I found about while here was that it has been Munich’s main square since 1158! I find that crazy thinking about how new Australia is. But, anyway, I’ll leave the history lesson for now, if you want to learn more, I’ll leave a link at the bottom!

The Good about The Munich City Centre

The first thing I noticed was how clean everything was! There was hardly any rubbish anywhere! Except for of course, the cigarettes, but I’ll get to that part later. I was also surprised to not find any bins either. I’m not sure how they managed to have a clean city without bins, but Munich has done it, and I’m impressed.

I walked a lot on this day too. It was actually the most active / highest step day ever, since I bought my watch. I think I did around 25,000 steps that day, and every day after too!

I also loved how busy the city was with bikes, as well as my new favourite mode of transportation: e-scooters. E-scooters are basically stand on electric scooters that you ride in bike lanes. They go up to 20km/h and require no effort to use them. I LOVE them, even if they are a little bit too expensive. My favourite type was the Voi scooters, as they seemed to be the most common.

I also loved how old some of the buildings looked. Coming from Australia where everything is either new or at the oldest about 100 years, seeing a building that was at LEAST 500 years old, if not more was actually breathtaking.

Of course, no “best parts” list of Munich could be complete without mentioning the New and Old Town Halls. Connected together, the New on the left and the Old on the right, they are one of the most iconic parts of the city, with tourists always taking pictures, which honestly, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t!

The Bad

Of course, no city is without its faults, and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t tell you about some of them, who knows, maybe you will also be going by yourself!

Firstly, like most European cities, there is no real order in how everything is set out. The city grew naturally so there is no “structure” like most American cities have. I also noticed that there isn’t any real signs telling you which street is which.

Another bad thing I have found was that EVERYONE seems to smoke. No matter where I went, there was smoke from cigarettes. It seems to be more of a German thing, but I think it’s pretty bad, and gross. Cigarettes are so much cheaper here compared to Australia though, so I see why so many people are smoking.

Another bad thing with the time I went was that there was a lot of construction. Everywhere I went I had to duck under this, go around that, take a detour here, it made trying to navigate the city only that much harder. But I don’t think it is always that bad so I’ll let it slide.

The Conclusion

Overall, Munich is an old, lovely city filled with people, bikes and friendly smiles. I would definitely recommend coming to Munich. Whether you want to stay for a long time like me, or just pass through for a day or two, I couldn’t recommend that more.

In my next few posts I’ll go into detail about some of the things within and around Munich as well. So at least the next few posts will be about Munich, so stay tuned for more of my travel stories about where I went!

For those interesting in learning more about Munich and the city, including things to do, the official website has it all, in English too!

To here more about my travel trips, be sure to check out the Travel Blog category.

Also, enjoy these pictures of my trip in the gallery below!

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Reuben Holmes
Reuben Holmes
1 year ago

Munich was a very nice place, the christmas markets were quite interesting (but only around the Christmas season)

Ruth Holmes
Ruth Holmes
1 year ago

Great observations Josh. We hated all the smoking too. It is like that throughout Europe. Particularly in France I found. It is hard when you are not used to it. I am not 100% positive, but I think the street signs are on the sides of buildings. This is common in other parts of Europe anyway. Check it out. I remember being puzzled at first …wondering how people find a street! I have been enjoying your photos too!

1 year ago

Loved this Blog Josh. Munich looks so amazingly beautiful. Your photos are just beautiful. Can’t wait for your next Blog, it makes me feel like I’m on a holiday too. We are so proud of you and how you have organised this whole trip and how you are coping. You are amazing. Keep Blogging!! Xxx

Lynette Thiele
1 year ago

Hi Josh, Glad your blog is up and running again. I don’t know about the good layout of American cities, but Adelaide is very well designed here in Australia. Not like Sydney, which just evolved, with winding streets etc. The photos are great. How did they build such intricate places? Must have taken them several decades, and lots of workers. I suppose there will be less travelling and sightseeing for you as time goes on, and you have to actually do some Uni work! Then we’ll hear how interesting that is. Not that I’ll understand any of it! I’ll just… Read more »


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