Travel Europe for as Little as €20

You read it right. It is possible to travel around Europe for as little as €20. This is something I’d never dreamed could be a thing, especially with prices here in Australia.

Firstly, I’d like to let everyone know, this is going to be a new type of blog post. Something that will become more common for at least the next 6 months. Instead of having JUST personal things, I’m going to post more about things I do. Like, for instance, this travel. Anyway, onto the post.

So, when I first got accepted to study at TUM in Munich, I knew I had to travel around the rest of Europe as well. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? It wasn’t until it was 2 weeks to go, that I realised how close the date was, and that I had to prepare to actually do some holidaying.

For those who don’t know, catch up on my German Exchange here:

Because I was going to Europe in Winter, any of the warm, summer things needed to be done straight away, within the first month or so. Given that I was also going during Oktoberfest, I decided to actually visit some theme parks.

Travel Europe with Flixbus

The flixbus style used for my travel around europe

This is when I discovered Flixbus. Flixbus is a service that is popular within Europe, that allows extremely cheap travel, at an extremely fair price. In fact, when booking a trip to Heide Park, I needed to get to Hamburg.

Now, as a student, I’m travelling on a budget. And I want to travel for cheap. My first thought was the train, right? Well, maybe. See, a train, even though it is cheaper than flying (which costs about $300), was still €52. I was disappointed, as combined with a place to sleep, made it about €100 just to get there, let alone do anything.

This is when Flixbus comes in. For as little as €20 I can travel – overnight – to Hamburg. The time to get there is almost doubled, from 5 hours to 9, but I think it is much more worth it, as I save money, as well as get to sleep.

a common hostel style used within the travel world. This is not the one I am staying at

I also found a nice Hostel, that for only $34 (Thats, AUD) I can stay the night. I’d be sharing with 8 other people, but for something that is just a sleep, why not?

I’d definitely be recommended everyone travelling on a budget to take this service. Also, I’d recommend the overnight service, as long as you can sleep on the bus that is. This saves money on having to book a hostel or more. So, this is my way to travel Europe for as little as €20 .

I hope to update everyone on my trip on this service soon. I’m super excited to get started with this adventure, where I’m sure to update you all, and to take only a million pictures of course!

Until next time, I’ll see you later!

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Reuben Holmes
Reuben Holmes
1 year ago

Sleeping on that bus is like cheap fast travel

1 year ago

Sounds great Josh. Love the cheap travel…way to go. Hamburg is an interesting place to visit as well. You’ll be busy by the sound of it!

Lynette Thiele
1 year ago

I’ll be looking forward to your updated posts on all this travelling, sleeping and economising, Josh. It sounds very exciting!! Maybe you’ll even come home with a few cents in your pocket!!

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