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I know, I know, I’ve mentioned Germany in almost every one of these posts, but never actually talked about it. But I decided now is finally the time. Prepare, this will probably be a long post, as it will also be an update post. I might even add headers this time :).

Trip to Germany

Ok, it is time, well, time to explain my trip to Germany.

It also started in year 7. I was starting high school, and nervous little me was going to a place where I knew 0 people. I had a choice, German, or Japanese. Now, my ancestors are from Germany, from a town just south of Berlin. We moved here in 1849, and have lived in Victoria ever since (well, some of us moved around, but we are still here now). So, the choice was simple, choose the one that relates to Medieval history, and MY history. Little did I know, that this decision would change my life forever.

German class was definitely not my favourite class (that goes to IT), but I did like it a lot. I was always near the top of the class and loved learning about the culture and the language. I loved the idea of this country that had castles and all this cool history.

Year 8 we had an exchange student come in and spend time with us for the year from Germany. The boy was too ‘cool’ for me to talk to, being the nerdy kid I was, and the girl didn’t really speak to anyone, but I loved the idea of an exchange trip to another country.

German Soft Pretzel (Bretzeln)

I’ll never forget the two big things we did for German class. First was an excursion to the Melbourne CBD, where we ate German soft pretzels (Bretzeln) which were amazing! The second was the Multicultural Day, where me and a few other students went to the little kids and spent the day there, where I played German games and had fun with them.

Unfortunately, I was not destined to continue German, when in year 9 I had to decide between IT and German as classes. I chose IT as that was my career path I wanted. But I never stopped thinking about Germany. I would pop in and out of Duolingo, an app to learn languages, but I never stuck to anything.

Finally, University arrived, and after half a semester, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to go on an exchange trip to Germany. At first, I wanted to go over there just to spend a whole bunch of time, however, I wanted to explore the non-tourist part of the country as well. I needed a lot of time, I wanted to live there.

However, you can only stay in Germany for 90 days without a Work Visa. and you need to pass a German language test and pass with B1 (conversational German skills), which I could not do. The only other option was a Student Visa. So I jumped on it, I applied for the RMIT Exchange Program, and with my good grades, I was in easy!

It’s been about a year since I originally applied to this exchange, and both everything and nothing has happened. I’ll be living in Munich for 6 months, where I will hopefully have time to explore the country and others in Europe, if my budget will allow me – it will be pretty tight. I’m so excited for this adventure and it is a huge dream of mine to travel over there.

I’ll explain part 2 in a separate post as this is getting too long anyway 😛

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