German Exchange (Pt 2)

Ok, time for part 2 of my German Exchange story.

The Cost

So an exchange to another country costs money, obviously, right? But what most people don’t know is how much it varies from exchange to exchange. For example, in Vietnam, if you want to study in Ho Chi Minh City, you can get a large grant for the Government, as well as up to $3,000 just for studying the language. However, for the exact same thing but to the US, you get no money for language and the grant is a little smaller.

Not a huge deal, but an important detail nevertheless. When I decided on Munich, I knew that I would be spending more money than most other people, this is due to the fact that Munich is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. It IS the most expensive city in Germany. There are some cheaper things, but the rent it quite high.

An important note though: Even though the rent was “high”, it was still cheaper than living in Melbourne.

Because of this, I knew I would have to be saving up a large amount of money… and that money would be tight the entire trip, that is, until late this year.

The Storey

I received an email not too long into 2019, telling me that I was eligible to apply for the John Storey Scholarship. This scholarship was valued at $10,000 and awarded to those who help within their community.

The moment I saw this, I knew that I had to apply. While I by no means thought I did a lot in my community, I helped around here and there. I ran a games club (still do), I helped with family nights at my work, and I volunteered my time at my church.

I put my application in and waited… and waited… and WAITED. I thought, “maybe I just didn’t get it”. Still, I was beginning to realise something: The money was so tight, I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it, so with some change in my accommodation, I was now planning on sharing it with 5 other people.

At around this time, I was thinking to myself, “Am I really supposed to go on this trip?” I was beginning to get very nervous, like, was I meant to go? Did God want me to go on this trip? I didn’t know. I prayed about it and then thought this one thought:

“God, if you want me to go on this trip, then I will get the scholarship”. I knew that if I got the scholarship, it must be God’s work, and that He could make that happen.

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m talking to my mum who suggests that maybe I shouldn’t go, maybe I should just go on a holiday instead, and that maybe I should stay here in Australia. During the middle of this conversation, I got the alert on my phone / watch about an email. I looked at it and saw the title: ‘RE: John Storey Application’.

I opened it and the first words I saw were “CONGRATULATIONS”. I was so excited. I knew instantly that I was meant to go onto this trip. I knew it would be a life-changing experience, and that any doubt was the devil’s work.


As I was not 100% sure whether I was going or not, I still hadn’t booked anything. But, I am happy to report now, that as of Today, I am officially accepted into TUM.

I promptly booked my accommodation at this place on AirBnB. I originally didn’t want it due to the cost, but with the help of the scholarship I can afford it, as well it was on my heart to go to this place.

What is left is to plan where I want to travel around, buy some clothes to actually travel around in, and to buy my ticket. I’m super excited for this trip, and hope that it opens my eyes to the world around me, and how it is so different, yet so similar.

I still am not enrolled in TUM yet, because they have not opened, but officially I am going.

I plan to make more blog posts while I am in Germany, perhaps more about where I’ve been, and what good activities I have done, either way, this blog won’t stop when I leave the country, rather they will just be uploaded at another time.

Thank you guys for waiting so long for this story, if you have any questions about my exchange trip, reply down below and I will do my best to answer everyone to the best of my ability.

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Lynette Thiele
1 year ago

Great News, Josh. Praise God for His provision!
Love, Grandma

Reuben Holmes
Reuben Holmes
1 year ago

“but the rent it quite high.”
Haha The ‘Storey’

Lynette Thiele
1 year ago
Reply to  Reuben Holmes

The Germans’ idea of Bargain Basement prices, Reuben!!

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